The bright side

Ok,  I woke up today feeling a little better.

After all, I told myself, lots of countries have had terrible fascist leaders and oligarchs: North Korea, the Philippines, Cuba, Spain, Chile… And they have all survived.

We’re resilient. We’ll get through.

I mean, who needs civil rights or equality, right? 

I mean, how ’bout that KKK rally celebrating Trump’s victory? No big deal. ISIS rejoicing? It’s fine! Day one violence against foreigners and brown people? Sure, why not! 

The sun will rise tomorrow.

So, let’s look at the bright side. All of the straight white males you love  will be just fine. Glass half full! 

After unfriending two more people on Facebook today, I finally had to take a clonopin and calm down. Now I’m relaxed, but sloppy. Got a hostility hangover. 

Maybe by tomorrow, I’ll have found some way to *actually* look on the bright side. Today, I’m all stormy weather.

I think I’m going to start writing about cooking instead of politics. Bet I’ll lose fewer friends.