It’s very tough to concentrate today

I’ve got to keep my blog short and sweet today.

I’m terrified that Donald Trump might win this election. Frankly, I’m horrified that he’s made it this far. What does this say about our country?

The Donald’s crudeness, obvious racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism has me very concerned about where this nation might be headed. I lived in New Jersey when Trump put up those garish casinos in Atlantic City. He was repugnant then, and worse now. If this could happen–if we could even CONSIDER this man to be president–we’re screwed. No other way to say it.

At the outset of this election, I, like many Americans, felt as thought Hilary Clinton might be concerningly dishonest. But then I started to go deeper into the actual facts. Among the nuggets that changed my mind were:

  • While there’s no doubt that she should never have maintained a private email server, it now seems obvious that there was no foul play intended. There were no national secrets sequestered away on these servers.
  • It’s actually kind of business as usual for the Secretary of State to have a private email server. After all, it was Colin Powell who recommended it to her.
  • Although the Associated Press reported that many private donors to the sprawling philanthropic organization had meetings with Clinton while she was Secretary of State, Clinton did not serve on the Foundation’s board when she was Secretary of State. What’s more, the foundation has raised more than $313 million for R&D for new vaccines and medicines, provided better maternal and child-survival care to more than 110 million people and provided treatment for more than 36 million people with tropical diseases.

So…you gotta keep everything in perspective.

Beyond all that, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate–not just in this election, but in any US Presidential election. I don’t need to run down her accomplishments here, they’re public knowledge. But suffice it to say, she knows what she’s doing and can make stuff happen in Washington. And I like the stuff she wants to make happen.

The final factor that swayed me was watching a bio pic about HRC last weekend. This woman has been a badass since her college days at Wellesley. She’s fought for women, children and families her whole life. She was also a major reason Bill Clinton was elected president and played a big role in shaping policy.

I’m praying that by tomorrow, this debacle will be behind us.